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Lumbutts - Mankinholes BVE Route

A short DEMO section is now available. This is the section between Lumbutts & Clough Foot.

Description of Route

The route weaves across the moor, though a couple of tunnels and over a river in this section. Although it's not brilliant with it's detail, in a way this makes it quite realistic as the moors are very sparse! However, from a driving point of view it's probably along side the japanese routes as in some parts there are sudden speed restrictions etc... I'm told by my beta testers that this route has more grade changes than in any other route, the steepest on this section being 15%, although later in the route it goes up to 26% (about 1 in 40!).


Station Arr. Time Dep. Time
Lumbutts = = = 12.15
Lumbutts South (Closed) 12.16 12.16
Heptonstall 12.18.30 12.19
Flash House Farm Halt 12.22.30 12.19
Clough Foot 12.26.30 12.27


Objects (EXE 1.26mb)

Route File (ZIP 2.9KB)

New!! Class 37 sound update: Door Sounds (from the 4-CIG) and a realistic Guards "Right Away" whistle!

Class 37 Update (EXE 92KB)

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